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I’ve kept quiet for long enough on this subject. I find it difficult to speak about; simply because the total onslaught of opposition I have on the topic. It’s no surprise to anyone that a good portion of video gamers are ridiculously devoted to certain games. Some gamers would defend them, even in face of indisputable evidence, that a certain feature was poor in comparison to anotherSome of them are ‘fan boys’, some are people who genuinely enjoy the game and some are just jumping on the bandwagon because they love a good bit of mindless devotion. It’s for these reasons that I tentatively approach the subject of one of the worlds biggest first person shooters: Halo.



Multiplayer Mayhem (I Miss You)

Posted: May 22, 2011 by iancox1986 in Features, General
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Multiplayer Mayhem

So after a long hiatus from writing (I’m blaming the combination of a broken finger and an even more broken laptop), I thought it was about time I bored the internet with my thoughts
again. The basis for this blog struck me a few weeks ago – those of you not living under a rock will, of course, realise that this was slap bang in the middle of the PSN down time.

Today’s gaming industry is a fast moving one. Trends come and go, games flourish or wither depending on a large number of variables – developers on the climb one month, find themselves languishing and in danger the next. At the heart of the goings on is the game and the humble gamer. Generally we are an easy bunch to please. I know that we have a reputation for being a fickle crowd, but those people I truly believe are in a minority. There’s plenty of variety out there currently and getting hold of games has never been easier or cheaper. Are we really getting value for our money though? Are developers giving us what they were ten years ago? In some ways that humble gamer has never had it better but in others we’re being robbed.

I’m not a bad gamer. Not by a long shot. When it comes to first person shooters I’ve pulled off some insane shit over the years. I’ve made that last second kill in deathmatch, grabbed the last point in a game of capture the flag, and literally been the last man standing. This is usually a mix of my own skill and that of the people I’m fighting with. I’m responsible for me. I kill the enemy. We win. As that annoying meerkat from the idiot box says “Simples” I also tend to be not be too bad at other game genres. While there are dozens to chose from, I can hold my own in racing, puzzle, sports, action and adventure games. However when it comes to Real Time Strategy games or RTS as they shall be known from here, I’m hopeless. Utterly Utterly hopeless.