The Team

“Who’s writing all this stuff Im reading?” I hear you ask! Meet “The Team”


Name: Chris
Age: 24
Occupation: Communications Officer
Fav Game: Legend Of Zelda / Half Life Series

Chris founded antiherogaming in the winter of 2010. It was cold outside so he thought that creating a blog would be a good reason to stay indoors. He’s a strange fellow with the most unkempt hair you’ll find in the galaxy. If he’s not talking to himself or listening to music, you’ll probably find him blogging, gaming or socialising. If he’s not looking confused he’s probably asleep.


Name: Richard
Age: 24
Occupation: Web Designer
Fav Game: Max Payne / Assassins Creed

Richard or “Fitz” is a strange creature. He joined the antiherogaming team not too long after watching Chris panic when faced with using the internet for more than twenty minutes at a time. He’s loyal and trustworthy in reality but has a shifty disposition when in game, and thrives in stealth related situations. He’s also known for pulling off some insane shots when playing as much as he is for doing daft thinks in the real world. Blogs make him happy as do neat and tidy things.

Vinny V

Name: Ian
Age: 158
Occupation: Hobbit
Fav Game: Metal Gear Solid / Assassins Creed Series

Ian is the big thinker of the group. He doesn’t just question it all. He questions why he’s questioning it all. Deep stuff. He happens to also be a great writer and when able to take a break from saving the world, weaves a complex argument on the day-to-day musings of games and gamers. His abilities on Fifa and Rock Band are the stuff of legend. His skills at first person shooters, not so.


Name: Dave
Age: 28
Occupation: Project Officer – Customer Services
Fav Game: Sensible Soccer / Left 4 Dead

Dave is the man you would count on a tight spot, when your backs against the wall and all hope is lost. That is if you’ve got a spelling or English related problem. That’s right Dave’s the editor. He double checks the work, puts forward ideas and generally makes sure that everything is literate. When he’s not swearing or cursing at us, he can usually be found either playing a game or eating a pizza. He’s the guy who never gets knocked down in Left 4 Dead but always kills the least zombies. Hmm.


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