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Hello everyone. Below is an extract from my latest article over at deathbyrobots!

The future is looking bright for Sony in the last week. A strong showing at E3 and the PSN troubles seeming like nothing more then a bad day at the office and we find ourselves at the end of June, and with it we find ourselves in Uncharted territory. While you chuckle away at that coy play on words I’ll recap for whomever maybe late to this particular article.

Uncharted 3’s multiplayer beta launched on June 28th with enough content to satisfy even the most eager fans. The beta is open to anyone with a Playstation Plus account or a copy of Infamous 2. If you’re desperate to play, don’t bother picking up Infamous 2 unless you really want it, as everyone should have a Playstation Plus account thanks to the ‘Welcome Back’ package from Sony. So if you’ve been interested in the Uncharted series over the last few years; now there is a free way to find out what the latest iteration of the multiplayer is like at least.

I’ve sunk a few hours into the beta, mainly focusing on the Team Death Match game type at this stage, so that I could get a feel for the game again. While I did play Uncharted 2 and it’s multiplayer I wasn’t excellent at it, and did arrive to it several months after its release.

As I started the game and began searching for a match I was immediately impressed with the presentation of the game. I had my loadout, character and emblem customisation on the left, the matchmaking on the right and ‘Uncharted TV’ in the lower right hand corner. For a beta this was a very tidy setup and this reflects the finished product then it’s very fluid and a joy to use.

To read the full article and the thoughts of another writer on the beta, head over to deathbyrobots now.

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Battlefield 3: *Jaw hits floor*

Posted: March 29, 2011 by CptToffer in Previews
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Hello antiherogamers!

A recent announcement has seen the release of the first gameplay trailer for Battlefield 3. This is the third entry into its main series and the first glimpse of a new and improved Battlefield. It looks slick and modern. With the success of it’s other titles, namely the Battlefield Bad Company series, it was only a matter of time before Battlefield 3 was announced. Considering the success of Bad Company 2, especially the multiplayer, up against Call Of Duty Black Ops it shows EA / DICE that gamers want more from an online game.

The announcement has been supported by one of the most visually pleasing and sounding trailers recently released. It looks stunning and from what I’ve seen the game looks to be an excellent but realistic experience. I’m glad that there is going to be a single player campaign as well as a multiplayer. I don’t think that games have to have both but if done correctly it makes the title stronger and more appealing.

Battlefield 3 will have a tough fight on its hands considering its opposition. From the top of my head titles such as Crysis 2, Operation Flashpoint: Red Rising, Rage, Brink, and the possibility of another Call Of Duty title, all possibly within the year.

I hope the release of Battlefield 3 highlights the decline in quality of recent Call Of Duty titles. Battlefield 3 has confirmed 64 person multiplayer. If it brings back the Battle Commander role and the ability to create and issue orders to your squads then it should be able to give COD a real challenge. I hope it sticks to what it does best and doesn’t try to change what the fans what from it.

If anyone has any doubts about the possible quality of this title then watch this trailer and you’ll see what I mean.

It just looks incredible. Everything from the view from the rooftops to the details on the soldiers is highly impressive. Taking out that sniper showed off the impressive Frostbite 2.0 engine aswell.

This is one title that’s jumped to the top of the pre-order list.


Dead Space 2: Final Look

Posted: January 13, 2011 by CptToffer in General, Previews
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Hello Antiherogamers!

The release date for Dead Space 2 cannot get here quick enough. It literally looks like it’s going to blow my socks off. I cannot wait to sit down and play this game. I’ve got games coming out of my ears at the moment, but the adventures of Ezio, Donkey Kong, Sam Fisher and everyone in between will have to just sit back, shut the hell up and wait for Isaac Clarke to finish ripping some Nercomorph heads off. It seems such a god damn shame that I happen to be moving house the weekend this comes out, which although fun is going to delay my first play by a long period. That said I’m sure it will be worth the wait, plus I’ll have a large living room and comfy sofa to play it on as opposed to a small bedroom and a small bed.

To that end here’s a quick post showing you the new launch trailer and just why you should be very, very excited.



Good afternoon antiherogamers and welcome to 2011.

With the hangovers fading and the chocolate supply dwindling, I’ve finally had time to sit down and sink a good few hours into my two video game gifts this year: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood on the Xbox360 and Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii. I’m a big fan of both series was had concerns about the quality of both games. I’m going to give an overall preview of the game’s so far, but will make them as spoiler free as possible. I’ve only sunk about two hours into each, and anything major I won’t include anyway.

Necromorph Killing In Dead Space 2

Posted: December 17, 2010 by CptToffer in Previews

Hello all, and welcome to the first official gaming related post for antiherogaming! Woo *pops party popper*

My first post will be a bit of a special one really as last night I had the pleasure of attending a special event in London hosted by IGN after I won a competition to attend and have a go at Dead Space 2 before it’s release next month! After combating Kent and London’s fantastic transport system (please note the sarcasm) myself and my good friend Fitz arrived at the Gallery Soho.

The event was pretty cool, around forty to fifty people in the second floor of a studio with around ten PS3’s set up playing a twenty-minute demo. Apparently it was the same demo from the Eurogamer event a month or so ago, but seeing as I don’t go around winning competitions on a daily basis I had no idea what to expect. There was also a free bar (always drink responsibly children, especially if it’s a free bar) which was very much appreciated.