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Once again it’s that time of year; when every gamer prepares themselves for a week of non-stop information about what to expect from the industry in the next year. This E3 is one that promises to be one to remember for a number of reasons, from the long list of high quality titles, to the potential for new console announcements. The run up to E3 has left us with a many questions about many of the potential releases that will come in the next twelve months and beyond. Read on to find out about the ones you need to be aware of.


Today’s gaming industry is a fast moving one. Trends come and go, games flourish or wither depending on a large number of variables – developers on the climb one month, find themselves languishing and in danger the next. At the heart of the goings on is the game and the humble gamer. Generally we are an easy bunch to please. I know that we have a reputation for being a fickle crowd, but those people I truly believe are in a minority. There’s plenty of variety out there currently and getting hold of games has never been easier or cheaper. Are we really getting value for our money though? Are developers giving us what they were ten years ago? In some ways that humble gamer has never had it better but in others we’re being robbed.

Hello antiherogamers!

You’ll notice a lull in posts as of late. Don’t panic we’ve not died an early death. Far from it! We are gaining members all the time so make sure you spread the word. The lull in post’s is due to the fact that in under 10 days I’ll be moving house. This is quite naturally one of the more time consuming activites that one can go through, so do bare with us while we make the change, and get the internet sorted. Young Mr Fitz will be on hand with a few post’s so you shall not go wanting! Anyway, onto todays topic:

I’m going to tell you about my feelings on why Video Gaming is the most social “anti social past time” I know of. People scratching their heads at the last sentence should read it again a little slower. Video gaming has long been regarded as an anti social pastime. We’ve all been there: Alone, playing a computer game, family downstairs, girlfriend in the next room. No gamer who regards Video Gaming as a solid hobby cannot say that they’ve not been playing games at some point when there was a chance to do something that, for what many may view, is a more worthwhile use of their time. Many people stereotype gamers as the loner male, wearing glasses, hopeless with women and something of a social outcast. This is an opinion that we’ve all come across at some point. I appreciate that in recent years this stereotype may have softened due to various things, but then that’s part of what I’m here to talk about. Gaming as we know it is changing and because of this it is becoming one of the most social anti social pastimes we know. Let’s take a look: (more…)

Hello all and welcome to another edition of antiherogaming!

Today, while fighting the battle between mankind and the common cold (it’s kicking my ass, seriously a BFG 3000 wouldn’t go amiss here), I’m going to speak about my feelings about regenerating health. As you will come to learn over getting to know me through these blogs, I’ve been gaming for the better part of 20 years and as such as seen a lot of trends come and go. However this one seems to be more resilient then a case of herpes. Recently we’ve seen a few games move away from it, but it’s still knocking around and I’m going to give an overview and an opinion on the whole thing. (more…)