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Crysis 2: Review

Posted: April 12, 2011 by CptToffer in Review
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Hello antiherogamers,

Today’s post is bought to you by my colleague Nick, who when he’s not talking about how he’d change the country for the better, (watch out for Nick’s Britain people, it’s going to divide the world like Moses parting the red sea) is playing games and offering opinions on them. If you want to know if you should spend your hard earned cash on the new Crysis game then read below for a short snappy take on the latest entry to the series. If you want to contact Nick, feel free to add him on your PS3. His username is nickzgti

Billed as, ‘the most graphically advanced game on a console (or probably any format) ever’ is a strong statement to make and normally such arrogance would be swiftly put down but sadly I would have to agree. I cannot comment on what it looks like on a high end gaming PC (truly insane I should think) but on the PS3 it is definitely the best looking game I have ever seen on this machine. Specifically the water and lighting effects (including accurate shadow rendering) are second to none. The environments it produces truly are wondrous and to be honest put real life to shame!


Hello Antiherogamers!

Welcome to our first review: Enjoy!

Donkey Kong Country Returns Review:

Gaming for me has always been about one of two things; it’s either escapism: Becoming immersed in a rich vibrant story, looking on in awe at the world before me; or it’s enjoyment, the fun factor of gaming, solo or with friends, challenging or easy, that allows me to have a good time. If a game can provide me with either of these two things then usually the rest falls into place. Even if a game isn’t particularly immersive, the entertainment factor can support this. The same goes if a game is maybe too easy or too hard; if it’s got a great story I feel compelled to finish it. On occasions a game provides me with both a level of escapism and entertainment. Donkey Kong Country Returns is one such game.

I woke up early on Christmas morning and rushed into the lounge, like an excited child hearing the chimes from an ice cream van. I had the joy of finding Microsoft Kinect under my tree.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your opinion)  I don’t have any unboxing videos for you, but there are plenty on YouTube.