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I’ve just spent what feels like hours travelling through the dark, twisted woods that lead down to the lake. With every flicker of movement, every change in the shadows, I nervously look, snapping my head from side to side, making sure I’m safe. I can hear my friend below me, calling out to me, telling me he’ll meet me at the farm. Don’t leave me alone, I think; but it’s too late, he’s gone, and I’m left to fend for myself.

A thin layer of perspiration settles on my brow, my clammy hands gripping the beaten up torch that feels like my only salvation. They’re coming to get me. I evade shadows, dodging and writhing from their grasp, diving into any pool of light I can see, grateful for the salvation it provides. How much longer can I go on like this? I want it to stop….but at the same time, I never want it to end.



Dead Space 2: Final Look

Posted: January 13, 2011 by CptToffer in General, Previews
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Hello Antiherogamers!

The release date for Dead Space 2 cannot get here quick enough. It literally looks like it’s going to blow my socks off. I cannot wait to sit down and play this game. I’ve got games coming out of my ears at the moment, but the adventures of Ezio, Donkey Kong, Sam Fisher and everyone in between will have to just sit back, shut the hell up and wait for Isaac Clarke to finish ripping some Nercomorph heads off. It seems such a god damn shame that I happen to be moving house the weekend this comes out, which although fun is going to delay my first play by a long period. That said I’m sure it will be worth the wait, plus I’ll have a large living room and comfy sofa to play it on as opposed to a small bedroom and a small bed.

To that end here’s a quick post showing you the new launch trailer and just why you should be very, very excited.