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Ok, I’ve got that out of my system now. But come on, really? You’d have thought the big N would have learned their lesson with naming by now…

Anyway, I thought that now E3 is over, I’d start arranging my rambling and dangerous thoughts into something vaguely coherent. Today I’m exploring my thoughts on the newly announced Nintendo Wii-U; some Ninty fanboys may want to look away now…

The nPad

It would be daft to start anywhere other than the elephant in the room; that controller. It’s like the bastard offspring of a DS and an iPad, and frankly doesn’t live up to the lofty heights of either parent. It looks like a FisherPrice toy, and enjoys something of an identity crisis as I can see. Is it a controller? Is it a handheld? Is it a tablet? I’d put my money on Nintendo trying to use it as all three, and coming up short.



To be fair to it, it’s certainly innovative. The idea of switching between handheld and console is certainly an interesting one, and used innovatively could be a fantastic step forward for the industry. However, I have concerns. It has been announced that so far there only plans for one of these controllers to be used with a console at a time; other players will be forced onto wiimotes/classic controllers. Not so impressive.

Also, I can see Sony sneaking up and stealing Nintendo’s thunder with the Vita. It’s close to PS3 spec, and will inevitably interact with the console in the future – Naughty Dog have already stated that the Uncharted game for Vita will interact with Uncharted 3 on PS3. Sony has a track record here, too; the remote play function of the PSP is not well known, but it was fantastically implemented. In trying to be too clever, Nintendo could be late to their own party.

PS Vita - Weeoo killer?


So far we know that the Wii-U will handle up to 1080p graphics, but we so far have no details on actual spec. Several third party developers have said that their cross-platform games will appear on the Wii-U, but that raises some questions for me. If the Wii-U is (as rumoured) of superior spec to even the PS3, will the ports take advantage of this, or be straight ports from the other consoles, thus rendering the extra spec pointless? Or will they be optimised, but inevitably take longer to arrive, thus leaving the Wii-U at a time lag disadvantage?

As with the previous couple of generations, the Wii-U will live or die on its first party exclusives. Rabid fanboys will eat up the inevitable HD iterations of Zelda, Mario and the like, but will that be enough to sway other gamers that have already been spoiled by the HD class of Xbox360 and PS3? Nintendo’s leap into HD isn’t nearly as jaw dropping as Microsoft’s and Sony’s, simply because it is already the norm.


A big one, this. How much will the controller drive up the price of the system? Are Nintendo going to have to abandon (to an extend) the ‘casual’ market that made the Wii so successful? Will the hardware and more ‘serious’ games appeal to a generation of gamers that’s already shelled out for one or both of the established HD giants enough to part with yet more cash? Ninty have so far proved recession proof by driving into a new market, but trying to step back into an already (over?)saturated marketplace in challenging economic conditions will certainly represent a big gamble. Indeed, Iwata himself has said that this new console ‘won’t be cheap‘.

Until more is announced about the Wii-U, I’m certainly not leaping on the ‘day one purchase’ bandwagon. Rabid Nintendo fanboys won’t care a jot about anything I’ve just said; they’ll just be salivating at yet another facsimile Zelda adventure made shinier with HD graphics. But what about everyone else? The floating gamer that just likes to bust out Wii-Sports or Rock Band every now and then?

Let me know your thoughts on the new console. It would be interesting to see what effect the announcement has really had.


I’ve just spent what feels like hours travelling through the dark, twisted woods that lead down to the lake. With every flicker of movement, every change in the shadows, I nervously look, snapping my head from side to side, making sure I’m safe. I can hear my friend below me, calling out to me, telling me he’ll meet me at the farm. Don’t leave me alone, I think; but it’s too late, he’s gone, and I’m left to fend for myself.

A thin layer of perspiration settles on my brow, my clammy hands gripping the beaten up torch that feels like my only salvation. They’re coming to get me. I evade shadows, dodging and writhing from their grasp, diving into any pool of light I can see, grateful for the salvation it provides. How much longer can I go on like this? I want it to stop….but at the same time, I never want it to end.


Hello antiherogamers!

You’ll notice a lull in posts as of late. Don’t panic we’ve not died an early death. Far from it! We are gaining members all the time so make sure you spread the word. The lull in post’s is due to the fact that in under 10 days I’ll be moving house. This is quite naturally one of the more time consuming activites that one can go through, so do bare with us while we make the change, and get the internet sorted. Young Mr Fitz will be on hand with a few post’s so you shall not go wanting! Anyway, onto todays topic:

I’m going to tell you about my feelings on why Video Gaming is the most social “anti social past time” I know of. People scratching their heads at the last sentence should read it again a little slower. Video gaming has long been regarded as an anti social pastime. We’ve all been there: Alone, playing a computer game, family downstairs, girlfriend in the next room. No gamer who regards Video Gaming as a solid hobby cannot say that they’ve not been playing games at some point when there was a chance to do something that, for what many may view, is a more worthwhile use of their time. Many people stereotype gamers as the loner male, wearing glasses, hopeless with women and something of a social outcast. This is an opinion that we’ve all come across at some point. I appreciate that in recent years this stereotype may have softened due to various things, but then that’s part of what I’m here to talk about. Gaming as we know it is changing and because of this it is becoming one of the most social anti social pastimes we know. Let’s take a look: (more…)

Hello antiherogamers!

Today myself and young Fitz launch a new monthly feature designed to strip away the bad games from the good games, and the good games from the great ones. This feature will aim to bring to your undivided attention one single game in the month that you must get your hands on. It doesn’t matter if you have to beg, borrow or steal, you must play this title. (Please note antiherogamer does not endorse, support or in any way justify theft of any nature) I don’t think I need to explain the concept any further so let’s have a look at AHG Essential Selection for January!

Good afternoon antiherogamers and welcome to 2011.

With the hangovers fading and the chocolate supply dwindling, I’ve finally had time to sit down and sink a good few hours into my two video game gifts this year: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood on the Xbox360 and Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii. I’m a big fan of both series was had concerns about the quality of both games. I’m going to give an overall preview of the game’s so far, but will make them as spoiler free as possible. I’ve only sunk about two hours into each, and anything major I won’t include anyway.

Hello antiherogamers!

As the festive season is drawing to a close and everyone prepares for one last ‘hurrah’ on New Year’s Eve; many people around the globe look forward to what 2011 will bring for the world of video games. The schedule for next year is looking very sweet already and as such I think it would be a good time to have a look at five specific games that I know I won’t be able to do without next year! It’s probably a good time to explain how we’re going to look at games here at antiherogaming. Currently it’s just myself and Fitz looking at games, passing on our thoughts and feelings on them, and other things gaming related. As much as it pains us to admit it, we’re not going to be able to look at every game out there. There’s just far too many of them for us to handle. That said; what we will say about the games we look at will be honest and will hopefully be fun and informative to read. If you ever want us to look at, or give a specific view on a game, or something gaming related then drop us an email.


Good evening antiherogamers!

If you live in Britain right now you’ll know we are experiencing some snow, and if it’s two inches or fifteen the country’s done the proper British thing and gone into total meltdown at the idea of having to cope with something outside our normal routine. Finally the end is in sight (please god let it be) and we can focus on this weekend, which is Christmas.