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Into Oblivion (Again)

Posted: March 13, 2011 by CptToffer in Features, General
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Hello antiherogamers!

Despite not having the internet, I’ve kept up with the majority of gaming news. (God bless word of mouth and magazines) and have seen the coverage of “Skyrim” the new Elders Scrolls game.

I bought Oblivion, the previous entry to the series and played it religiously when it first came out and after sinking around 200 hours into it, I lost my saved game to a PC virus. Total fail.

I didn’t play it for some time until now as I thought it due to recent announcement it would be good to go back and finish the game

When it comes to Role Playing Games, ‘ something of a moron. This is because I totally miss the fucking point of them. If im playing an RPG, I generally go for the most human looking character, a male, whose main skills revolve around the use of guns/swords, bartering/speech and generally going for a combat/personality angle.

The thing is I want to break the mould. I want to try something different. I don’t want to play the same person in a different setting over and over.

So, as part of this little experiment I’ve started Oblivion again and will be recording how I get on. I’m going to be well outside my comfort zone and while I won’t be going finding every little quest in the game, there will be enough random run ins and side quests that pull my attention from saving the world.

Look for an update for the next couple of days for my first days in-game!

Have a good week