Crysis 2: Review

Posted: April 12, 2011 by CptToffer in Review
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Hello antiherogamers,

Today’s post is bought to you by my colleague Nick, who when he’s not talking about how he’d change the country for the better, (watch out for Nick’s Britain people, it’s going to divide the world like Moses parting the red sea) is playing games and offering opinions on them. If you want to know if you should spend your hard earned cash on the new Crysis game then read below for a short snappy take on the latest entry to the series. If you want to contact Nick, feel free to add him on your PS3. His username is nickzgti

Billed as, ‘the most graphically advanced game on a console (or probably any format) ever’ is a strong statement to make and normally such arrogance would be swiftly put down but sadly I would have to agree. I cannot comment on what it looks like on a high end gaming PC (truly insane I should think) but on the PS3 it is definitely the best looking game I have ever seen on this machine. Specifically the water and lighting effects (including accurate shadow rendering) are second to none. The environments it produces truly are wondrous and to be honest put real life to shame!
Not that all this prettiness doesn’t come at a price, albeit a small one. From loading to shutting down the PS3’s fan is revving it’s tits off like a pizza faced youth in a MacDonald’s car park.

Using either Dolby Digital or DTS the sound produced is describable only by the word ‘epic’! Wind this thing up through a decent surround sound system and you will quite literally be blown away. From a grenade detonating, a ready primed C4, fuel barrel (bloody loud), to a singular bullet casing hitting the deck after taking an enemy’s head off at a thousand metres whilst cloaked, the effect is crystal clear, timely, scarily realistic and above all satisfying.

The in game music is well chosen, atmospheric and powerful in composition; showing the obvious influence of Mr Hans Zimmer who assisted in this. Sound wise I have but one gripe and that is the incessant need by the Nano suits voice to commentate every action you take!! ‘cloak on, cloak off, cloak on, cloak off, armour on, armour off’ I think you get the idea!

This game has a good story line, simple and easily followed, but not too simple that you don’t feel a need to succeed. The story does follow on from Crysis (1), but you don’t need to have played this in order to understand it, as all is explained as you go along in the cut scenes.

I think the single player was a good length but am happy to admit if it had gone on longer I wouldn’t have minded as was enjoying the story.

We love it when things go boom

I personally took about 8 to 9 hours to complete it over the course of a few days. This isn’t to say that I didn’t rush some bits though. Which leads nicely to a point I’d like to make and that is the re-playability of this game is there, each battle simulation has a different way of getting through it, usually a couple in fact. You can flank the entire thing and not fire a shot, go in all guns blazing (you will get ruined though on the later levels) you can attack tactically from a distance (head shots are awesome!) or up close and personal whilst cloaked. There are many many options available. The AI is superb and the Ceph appear downright clever! which will also help with playing the game over and over not to mention the fact the the ending is clearly left open for a third so nothing is really spoiled by completing it.

The in game controls default to the standard Call Of Duty controls, which iss pretty well considering most of the planet have played one of the many COD games.The mention of COD leads us nicely on to discuss the multiplayer. Crysis 2 multiplayer has a COD like feel to it, but in the main it is better and much more advanced. The menu system interface is Call Of Duty all over just more basic, which actually in this case is not a good thing as a little more customisation would be appreciated. Once in a game, other than the controls, it ceases to be like its overly popular competitor. Tactics and the use of all your suit capabilities are required if you want any more than a 1:1 kill death ratio. I prefer it to Black ops / Modern Warfare 2 etc if I’m honest, and I think other gamers who appreciate the genre, not just games with ‘duty’ in the title, will too. Die hard COD fans however will put up a fight, it is much more difficult to get the big kill streaks and takes a lot more skill. No quick scoping and noob tubing in this!

All in all this game is excellent, graphically and audibly superior to all of the competition and, until Battle field 3 comes out, the game play and multiplayer are a win too.

Hope you enjoyed Nick’s take on Crysis 2. Check back in the week for the next antiherogaming post!



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