New Faces

Posted: April 7, 2011 by CptToffer in General

Hello Antiherogamers!

First and foremost you have my sincerest apologies for the disruptions of the last two months. It has simply been internet connection problems; which are now solved. Now that we are back up and running you can witness the fire-power of this fully armed and operational… wait sorry I went off on a tangent then…

What I meant to say was that now we are back up and running we have some announcements. Yes, that’s right actual announcements. Both of which are exciting and interesting so hang onto your hats and read on!

Firstly we welcome two new persons to the Antiherogaming team! These are Ian and Dave aka Vinny V and Shogun. You can head over to the “The Team” page to read their personal information, bank details and blood type should the mood take you. Ian will be joining us as an additional writer this is to ensure that we get more gaming news and information that you guys crave! He’s a great writer and a very welcome addition to the team. Dave joins us in a quality control capacity. He will be reviewing work, submitting a few ideas and helping out generally. He’s like an editor minus the power, pay or desk. The lucky sod.

Secondly is that I (Toffer) will be submitting work from time to time on a neighbouring website: GamingLives. It’s a top site and is growing in popularity rapidly. So head over there when you can; take a gander at my work and that of other people. My first piece there will be an improved and more in depth version of my post on regenerating health which attracted so much attention the first time around. It will be up sometime in the future so have a look will ya!

See you all soon!


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