Twenty Minutes In the life of Isaac Clarke

Posted: March 11, 2011 by CptToffer in Features, General
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Hello antiherogamers!

While I’ve been totally cut off from the internet it has given me a lot of time to game, and one game I’ve been playing is Dead Space 2. It is a simply fantastic game, very scary and very action filled. The developers have managed to bring the same sense of dread that the first had with faster paced combat. Rather then write a review of the game I’ve given you a twenty-minute slice of my time in the shoes of the very unfortunate Isaac Clarke.

The tram stuttered to a halt as it approached the pressurised fuel station.
“Why are we stopping?” asked Isaac, despair creeping into his voice.
“Let me take a look” said Ellie, consulting monitors, punching controls.
“You have to take the steps” chanted Stross
“There’s something blocking the tunnel. Were going to have to clear it if we want to continue” said Ellie
“Stay here, I’ll check it out. Look after Stross” said Isaac, his helmet slipping into shape.
Isaac disembarked the tram and hopped onto the platform. The screams of the dying and the echo’s of the mutated rang round the halls of the Sprawl. Isaac approached the door, the warm inviting glow of the “open” hologram a minor comfort against its dark blood soaked back drop. The door crunched open and Isaac stepped through. The door closed behind him cutting out the light and noise.

Isaac exhaled and took in his surroundings. He found himself in a large warehouse area. Stacked with crates and containers, some ceiling high, others small and nondescript. Despite the area being full of crates, and well-worn walkways, it was largely abandoned. Death hung in the air, thick and warm, like the blood that dripped on the walls. It was a desperate place. People had died here. It was not like the horror elsewhere on the sprawl. This was sudden, quick, and brutal. The people here had no idea of the terror that was stalking them when they came through the door.

The air was hot and muggy; every breath that Isaac took was heavy and laboured. He moved forward, suspicious of the quiet, questioning the lack of screams, scratching, and chaos. Something wasn’t right. Isaac raised his plasma cutter and stepped forward cautiously. He entered the central area of the warehouse when a heard a noise to his right, a low whine, with a quick scuttling sound. Isaac spun to his right and fixed his sights on the direction of the noise, his light piercing the darkness. Empty space. Mist swirled casually in the replicated air but posed no threat to the engineer. Another noise, this time behind him and so he spun, moving forwards to the source. He checked the space, and circled the nearby crate but found no trace of the sound.

He had moved around and lost his bearings, foolishly leaving himself exposed. Little cover, no bearing, and being hunted by something in the room. Whatever was hunting him was clever and fast. The movement was starting to disorientate him to the point where soon the enemy would be doing nothing more than playing with its food. He had his suspicions about what was in the room, but at this stage he was assuming nothing.

Again a noise to the left but rather than turn, Isaac looked straight ahead, gun raised and ready. Sure enough a Stalker, one of the necromorphs that had been encountered earlier, appeared.
“Shit” hissed Isaac squeezing the trigger of the plasma cutter. The first round flew, closely followed by the second. They both hit the wall.
“Fuck” shouted Isaac, as a wail from behind surprised him.
He turned and saw the Stalker head on. He started firing rounds switching the aiming mechanism on the cutter as he did. The first and second shots cut straight into its left leg, the third missing as the Stalker scuttled away. Isaac was exposed and he knew it. Attacks could come from any angle. He tried to get his bearings but all the walls and crates looked the same; dark, blood soaked covered with the insane scribbling of the recently deceased. He could still hear the cries of the enemy and wasn’t sure how many creatures he was dealing with. Isaac walked around another box and started to panic as he realised he was lost.
“I’m totally fucking lost” he muttered to himself.
Isaac moved to the wall, put his back to it and started moving towards the corner so he could cut down angles of attack.

The noise came again, a shriek of certain death in the empty husk of space. Isaac turned and saw a Stalker charging at him. Two rounds of burning blue plasma tore through its legs and it hit the floor. He quickly moved forward and lifted his large metal boot and brought it back down with a sickening thud; severing the head of the necromorph. An ear-piercing cry filled the air and Isaac turned again to find two more stalkers coming towards him at speed. They were close, too close. The plasma cutter opened up but they weren’t to be stopped. One hit the floor after taking enough punishment, but the second had closed the distance fast and impacted Isaac head on. He went flying, left arm hitting a crate and then rolling onto the floor at speed.
“Fuck” shouted Isaac as he got to his feet.
The Cutter ammo was depleted so he flipped out his Pulse Rifle, and started scanning for the stalker. It had run off after the last attack but Isaac knew it couldn’t be too far away. It didn’t take long for him to spot two stalkers at the end of a row of containers. They broke cover and charged at super human speeds, screeching their battle cry, thunderous feet drumming off of the blood soaked floor. But this time Isaac was ready.
He hammered the trigger and the rifle burst into life. The recoil, wild at first, became controlled and steady, white-hot projectiles flying through the air. The first stalker was cut down in a hail of bullets, limbs and blood hitting the floor. However the second one had closed the distance and was upon him. With all his ammo practically exhausted and only seconds to make a choice, Isaac turned and fired at a nearby fuel canister that was resting not five feet away. The canister ignited as the creature came within arms reach of Isaac; and the resulting explosion launched them both through the air. The creature flew and impacted the wall; limbs spiralling off in every direction.

Isaac smashed into the floor and felt a rib crack. He got up slowly and gingerly, surveying the road. Fresh blood and limbs canvassed the walls, containers were broken and shards of them were on fire. Despite the carnage that lay before him; there was silence. No scratching or crying or wailing. Just the noise inside his head; something that he had become accustomed to over the last few hours. He checked his RIG, which displayed a long list of injuries and a short list of ammo. Three ripper blades were all that he had in his arsenal. He pulled out the ripper and began the slow walk to the exit. He’d walked a few paces when a scream erupted from behind him. Everything slowed down as Isaac turned and saw containers go flying as a final stalker raced towards him. Isaac raised his left arm and picked up a lone stasis canister. He propelled it forward and it shattered against the floor, the creature caught in its calming blue swirls. Isaac took a deep breath, raised the ripper and fired off two rounds. Razor sharp death tore through the air, singing their songs of pain. They caught the stalker just below the knees cutting away both legs. The stasis wore off and it hit the ground with a thud, but it was not finished. It began crawling towards, Isaac who in turn marched towards it with his final remaining blade. As the creature drew back to strike Isaac pulled the trigger and the blade began spinning out the end of the gun. He watched as it pierced the torso and starting cutting into the beast. Flesh, bones, blood and guts splattered onto the floor and up his suit. As the blade expired and the pain stopped, the necromorph looked up and the last thing it saw was a heavy metal boot clamping over its face. 

I hope everyone enjoyed reading. Check back this weekend for the another update!


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