2011: The Five Games I Must Play!

Posted: December 29, 2010 by CptToffer in Features
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Hello antiherogamers!

As the festive season is drawing to a close and everyone prepares for one last ‘hurrah’ on New Year’s Eve; many people around the globe look forward to what 2011 will bring for the world of video games. The schedule for next year is looking very sweet already and as such I think it would be a good time to have a look at five specific games that I know I won’t be able to do without next year! It’s probably a good time to explain how we’re going to look at games here at antiherogaming. Currently it’s just myself and Fitz looking at games, passing on our thoughts and feelings on them, and other things gaming related. As much as it pains us to admit it, we’re not going to be able to look at every game out there. There’s just far too many of them for us to handle. That said; what we will say about the games we look at will be honest and will hopefully be fun and informative to read. If you ever want us to look at, or give a specific view on a game, or something gaming related then drop us an email.

Lets have a look at what 2011 holds for us. In no particular order:

Portal 2 (PC,Xbox360,PS3)

If you’ve not played the first Portal then stop reading this article and go get a copy now. It’s likely to be very cheap and it’s going to be worth any money you spend on it. The reason the original works so well is that like most great games the premise is so simple: One gun that does two things. A simple plot and a lot of fun made this one of the modern day classics. The basic idea of firing an entrance and an exit portal to solve various puzzles in a first person shooter setting was gaming gold right from the word go. Seen almost as an add-on to the Orange Box it created an almost cult like following that received just as much interest as the other two already established series in the Orange Box itself.
So when Valve announced Portal 2; it is looking like it will be a game worth your time and attention. With new features including revisiting Aperture Science laboratories, new puzzle mechanics, a co-op mode, and the return of your arch enemy from the first game; this is a game that has a lot of hope riding on it but will surely not fail to deliver.

Myself and Fitz come April 2011

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)

Oh Skyward Sword. You tricksy little thing. Anyone who knows me even a little will know that my one true love is Zelda games. No matter how they look, who the main enemy is, or where they are set, I love everything about them. I was a lot happier when we moved on from the Wind Waker style to the Twilight Princess one. I’ve got no preference over the graphics per se, as they are not important to me, however I personally would prefer to see a darker tone and more realistic graphics in Zelda games; to better the series. With that in mind; I’m still going to be playing Skyward Sword because it is a Zelda game first and foremost. This means that Nintendo will give it the love and care that ensures it will provide a first class experience, in story, gameplay and quirky mechanics. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea these days but I for one cannot wait to try my hand at the latest Zelda experience.

Please be good!

Dead Space 2 (PC, Xbox360,PS3)

A few weeks back myself and Fitz had the opportunity to play the demo at an event hosted by IGN. That same demo is now out for the general public to play and hopefully you’ll all see what the fuss was about. Dead Space was simply a bit of a sleeper hit. No-one seemed to be talking about it, and all of a sudden it was just there. It looked very interesting so I went straight out and got a copy. It was, in a word, awesome. It literally was one of the scariest things I have played since “that level” in Thief. Not only that but the plot and combat were of a high quality. It’s one of only a handful of games I’ve replayed more than twice. So you can imagine that with this particular release being right around the corner my anticipation is reaching fever pitched levels. It simply looks even better than the first. If you haven’t seen the latest trailer do so now and hopefully you’ll understand what I’m babbling on about. This is going to be my first big purchase of 2011 and I can’t wait!

Wait till you see the white's of their eyes!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC, Xbox360,PS3)

Any gamer worth their salt would of heard of Deus Ex at some point over the last ten years. This little gem was at its time phenomenal; simply because it combined first person and RPG elements with the ability to literally play the game how you wanted to. It became a benchmark that many games were compared against and it is this very same quality that next year’s prequel will be compared to. I’m personally looking forward to playing this as I recently finished yet another play through of the original. It was not easy going doing so on realistic mode and deciding to plug all my XP into swimming and other non-essential skills, let me assure you. This next game from what I’ve seen so far looks to combine elements of both Deus Ex and its sequel Invisible War. I’m personally hoping for gameplay and combat from the former and the general feel and graphical approach of the latter. The beauty of Deus Ex is playing the game how you see fit. Many games can boast guns blazing or stealth options, but no game offers the various routes that Deus Ex does. It’s also going to be a single player focused game, something of a rarity these days. This is probably going to be one of the most, if not the most, anticipated game of 2011.

Clearly going for the stealth option.

Uncharted: Drakes Deception (PS3)

There is one game, that can steal the ‘most anticipated’ crown from Deus Ex: Human Revolution and that game is Uncharted: Drakes Deception. I’m something of a newcomer to the series, after being pointed towards it only in the last year by my good friend Matt, something of an Uncharted expert. Both games have been amazing successes for developers Naughty Dog, and fans can rest assured they won’t be rocking the boat with the third title, as the series simply goes from strength to strength. Recent trailers and screenshots just make this seem more and more awesome. Uncharted combines’ action and platformer, sprinkles in some puzzles, a pinch of humour and glazes with the best graphics I’ve seen on a console to date. Just when the PS3 can’t be pushed any further; Naughty Dog just seem to crank it up to eleven and go all out. Human Revolution is resting on the coat tails of a huge game in Deus Ex, but it’s simply looking too good to bet against even at this early stage. It’s easily going to be the top purchase for any PS3 owner next year.

Jaw Dropping.

Here concludes my ‘must plays’ for 2011. What games are you looking forward to next year?

Thanks for reading


  1. RSxcore says:

    Obviously Uncharted 3 is the most important game of next year by far.

    I am also very much looking forward to, although a long way off and probably a 2012 release (?), the new Tomb Raider game! Can’t wait for that. Sounds like the series is going in a new direction too somewhat.
    SSX: Deadly Descents… can’t wait for this, i loved SSX Tricky, it looks like Deadly Descents won’t be continuing this cartoon-style craziness, but it still sounds awesome, and will certanly not be a boring sim.
    Also, being a PS3 owner, looking forward to Mass Effect 2 coming soon, as i think i will enjoy this. Also have Mass Effect 3 later in the year don’t we…
    And… MGS: Rising! I am disappointed that Raiden is the protagonist, as he just uses a sword, and he is no Snake! So it will be quite different, but it is still Metal Gear Solid, so i can’t wait.
    Other games i will be keeping a close eye on include Resistance 3! LBP 2 (might get this), Red Faction Armageddon and Driver: San Francisco.
    I think Deus Ex will be a huge game, i vaguely remember playing the original back in the day.

    ps. Zelda sucks.


  2. Sharon says:

    I’ve got a lot of older games to catch up on this year – BioShock 2 to finish, Dragon Age: Origins, and I want to play through Mass Effect 1 & 2 again (plus the DLC which I’ve not done yet). If I have time for the new stuff I’ll let you know (but Uncharted’s a definite)!

    • CptToffer says:

      Hay Sharon!

      Thanks for getting in touch. I know what you mean. I really want to do Mass Effect again and actually play the second one. I really want to try my hand at Dragon Age aswell. Im still trying to finish Fallout 3, all of it’s DLC plus the stuff I got for Xmas!

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