Wilst thou save the girl? Or play like one?

Posted: December 23, 2010 by CptToffer in Features
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Good evening antiherogamers!

If you live in Britain right now you’ll know we are experiencing some snow, and if it’s two inches or fifteen the country’s done the proper British thing and gone into total meltdown at the idea of having to cope with something outside our normal routine. Finally the end is in sight (please god let it be) and we can focus on this weekend, which is Christmas.
On the way home from Fitz’s house this evening I got thinking about festive seasons gone by and cast my mind back to 1998 when as a bright-eyed young nipper I got my hands on Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. This game literally defined not only my gaming expectations of the genre, but parts of who I am today (You can expect a blog on this at some point during my lifetime). In terms of gaming it is a milestone for me.

My earliest memory of the game is not playing it, but when I was watching a film on television and it cut to adverts.  The usual rubbish came on, and I watched along mindlessly. However within a few minutes came the best 01:03 of my life according to television. It was the advert for the game that a good majority of the world was looking forward to. It was pure gold. It was the perfect blend of action, music, and text. The music is composed by Basil Poledouris, and the title is Riddle of Steel / Riders of Doom. The music was (I believe) originally featured in the film Conan The Barbarian.  The only thing it did slightly wrong was as the article states, question the ability of fledgling heroes. Nintendo clearly didn’t think that tagline through and it was soon removed after many people suggested it was sexist.

The advert still for me remains what a gaming advert should be: “Here’s some backing music, here’s a few clips and here’s some text to go with it” Like that stupid meerkat states “Simples!” I’m aware advertising changes based on the audience and the product so I’m not surprised that Nintendo are using Ant or Dec to advertise the latest Wii games this year. We only have to look across the sea’s at our gaming brethren the Japanese to see how insane gaming adverts can get with another Zelda advert.

What are your favourite gaming advertisements and why do they stick in your mind?


  1. Benjamin says:

    Right now, the playstation move ads along with the xbox 360 kinect ads are stuck in my mind. Playstation’s marketing team does a really good job on all of their ads. I live in the United States, and I am not sure of which ads are getting airtime there in Britain, but those are worthy of viewing for sure. The playstation/best buy commerical where they are delivering babies in emergency situations is one of the best ads i have seen in a while.


    • CptToffer says:

      Hi Benjamin,

      I’ve not seen those ones. The majority of adverts I’ve seen are about the Wii and usually involve Ant and Dec or JLS, which doesn’t have much relevence to gaming in my opinion. That said I understand why those people are being used so that’s fair enough


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