Necromorph Killing In Dead Space 2

Posted: December 17, 2010 by CptToffer in Previews

Hello all, and welcome to the first official gaming related post for antiherogaming! Woo *pops party popper*

My first post will be a bit of a special one really as last night I had the pleasure of attending a special event in London hosted by IGN after I won a competition to attend and have a go at Dead Space 2 before it’s release next month! After combating Kent and London’s fantastic transport system (please note the sarcasm) myself and my good friend Fitz arrived at the Gallery Soho.

The event was pretty cool, around forty to fifty people in the second floor of a studio with around ten PS3’s set up playing a twenty-minute demo. Apparently it was the same demo from the Eurogamer event a month or so ago, but seeing as I don’t go around winning competitions on a daily basis I had no idea what to expect. There was also a free bar (always drink responsibly children, especially if it’s a free bar) which was very much appreciated.

After about half an hour of chatting and talking we sat down to have a go at the game. For anyone not familiar with the Dead Space series have a look. It’s a top game that was something of a sleeper hit when it arrived as the survival horror genre has a habit losing the pacing and atmosphere in place of action and poor character development. This will be my chief concern when Dead Space 2 arrives. Issac Clarke (that would be you the player) has returned from the first game, sporting a sleeker more solider style rig and appears generally all that more action ready. I don’t want the jumps, scares and overall horror to be lost in pursuit of keeping up with being able to blast ten shades of stuffing out of wave after wave of nasties.


That's you and yes; your awesome.

The demo starts off in a cryogenic lab style area. You get a few enemies bursting out of storage and coming up you, including the new vomit style creature which proved to be quite resilient. You move on through to the game first puzzle which involves you manually disabling the gravity in a room in order to move up. At this point you get to use the new booster system on Issac’s rig. In the first Dead Space, Zero G was about jumping from point to point. In the new one it appears you can manually move yourself around by way of a little jet pack. Very neat indeed.

Once through that area it lead us into a large church style setting. While not sounding terribly futuristic there is a whole cult back story that I won’t spoil for anyone who’s not played the first one, so its presence there just add’s to the creepy going’s on. However what add’s this even further is the giant four-legged spider-come-necromorph thing that lands right in front of you, throwing you back, while grabbing hold of your leg. It then proceed’s to drag you around the room, while you try to shoot it’s tentacle off. Luckily I managed to do so (the guys before me were not so lucky, and the death animation was an easy nine out of ten on the yuck-o-meter.) The spider thing then runs off like a scared little bitch, and sends its evil hellspawn after me. Seriously these things looked like a very twisted bunch of twelve year old kids with sharp claws, and need to rip my head off. A lot of people in the demo died here, but after using a tactic of not standing still and panicking (great job guys) I managed to get round them. The demo ends shortly after this, avoiding being cut down by some sort of helicopter mech thing and tumbling through a shaft into some sort of sewer area caked in blood and guts. Wonderful.

Overall it’s looking good, I met a couple of people from IGN and EA which was pretty sweet and a couple of other guys who were pretty awesome. The game looks polished and what I played was just like Dead Space only better. Look out for further Dead Space 2 comments as we approach release in January!

  1. Adam Smith says:

    Sounds like great fun i won a comp to go see Lost Planet 2 about a 1month before it came out was great fun 😀

  2. John says:

    Lucky git! bet you had all sorts of fun!

    by the way, (just a thought seeing as im always correcting your punctuation) do you need an editor? id be happy to read through anything you’ve got ready to go live and tweak it before the general public (salutes General Public***) read it.


    • CptToffer says:

      Hay Man

      Thanks for the comment and support, appreciated. I’ve had a couple of offers for editing, so I may send you a few bits now and again yeah!

      Thanks man xxx

  3. The Duke of Nukem says:

    Sounds ace, great blog, do you know what certificate it will be as my dad won’t let me play 18 games?

    • CptToffer says:


      Thank you for the comments, very kind and appreciated.

      Given what I’ve seen it’s likely to be an 18. Hopefully you won’t have too long to wait before you turn 18 and if so I recommend playing the first before hand.

      Again thanks for the comments and look out for my next post which will be on Sunday


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