Antiherogaming has (crash)landed!

Posted: December 17, 2010 by CptToffer in General

Hello one and all to the maiden post of antiherogaming! This first post is designed to basically explain why what you are currently reading even exists. I personally like it when the author introduces him or herself when starting out so here goes. My name is Chris and I currently reside in Maidstone, Kent. My aim here at least to begin with is to post every other day about any thoughts, feelings, and general musings about the world of Video Gaming. It’s a passion of mine and has been for some time. I also enjoy creative writing so this whole blogging business seems long overdue. However I’m about as computer literature as chocolate is fireproof so I’m very much testing the waters with this blogging. For this reason you will have to excuse the rather basic set up and the fact that it’s probably not overly that impressive. That said we’ve all got to start somewhere!
So as stated it’s going to mainly be a Video Gaming blog. I’m not going to keep to this strictly all the time and the odd post may reflect general goings on or something I’ve got knocking around the empty space where my brain should be.

If your reading this chances are at this stage that I’ve asked you to take a look, but if you have stumbled across this please feel free to leave any comments / hints / tips about getting started or just generally say hello.

I think that’s enough for the first post so I’ll leave it there and will be back tomorrow to add my first proper post on antiherogaming!


  1. Xenovore says:

    Keep at it! So far I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read here; I’ll definitely be checking back.

    • CptToffer says:


      Thank you so so much. It’s been a mixed day. Everyone here seems very nice and constructive. However this seems to have spread like wildfire and people over at reddit seem very… quick to judge shall we say!

      Thanks very much for the comment and I hope you do check back!


  2. Benjamin says:

    Beautiful posts and amazing writing! You sir are the exact brand of writer I one day aspire to be! I read all of your 3 posts and loved each and every one of them! The words used kept me very enthralled into your writings and almost making me want more! I congratulate you on your quick success, as it seems your posts are very popular, as they should be! If on the off chance you want to give me some pointers or possibly even contact me some how so we could chat for a while, I think that would be great. Keep the great material coming!


    • CptToffer says:


      First of all thanks very much. My friend (and now co-admin) sent me a message while at work on this message. I literally thought he was pulling my leg. Im very glad that you like what you’ve seen so far. I do try hard to keep it fun but to the point at the same time. Im honestly quite flattered by your comments. I’d be more then happy to speak to you further about this and anything else. Feel free to email me at I’ve literally just set that up so I won’t miss it. Looking forward to hearing from you


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